Qatari authorities detain Kuwaiti goalkeeper at Doha airport

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Kuwaiti goalkeeper, Nawaf al-Khaldi, was detained by security personnel at Doha’s Hamad International Airport on Tuesday.

In a video posted on Twitter, Khaldi said his mobile phone, along with all his electronic devices, were seized, and he was not allowed to contact anyone: neither his parents or family, nor the Kuwaiti embassy.

“They assaulted me in Qatar’s airport and took my phones and prevented me from contacting the embassy. I was expecting my Qatari brothers to condemn what I have been subjected to in their country instead of reprimanding me,” he said.

Khaldi’s lawyer Hussain al-Asfour told Al Arabiya on Wednesday that “the incident will not pass”, noting that Khaldi is very distant from politics, and what happened at the airport distorts his reputation.

He added that Khaldi is well-known for respecting laws, to the extent that he never even committed any traffic violations in Qatar.

According to Asfour, Khaldi always visits Qatar because he has relatives and friends there.

He added that what happened with Khaldi was legally unacceptable, adding that it was also unacceptable to treat him that way in public at the airport, and to distort his reputation as such.

Earlier, Asfour said in a statement: “What happened with Captain Nawaf al-Khaldi in Doha’s airport will not pass and we will take all the (necessary) legal procedure to (restore his reputation) after the arbitrariness he was subjected to in Hamad International Airport as he was unjustly detained upon (the orders) of an influential figure who misused his authority in Qatar.”

Asfour wrote on Twitter on Thursday morning that he arrived in Doha’s airport to follow up on the details of his client’s case.

“I’ve just exited the airport and heading to the hotel. I will learn about all the details pertaining to the case of my client Nawaf al-Khaldi in a while,” he said.