Yemeni info official: Qatar provided Houthis with all kind of support

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Yemeni information minister councilor and head of the Yemeni Media Association, Fahad al-Sharafi, said that Qatar’s position was shameful in supporting the Houthis politically, militarily, and through its media influence and that the Al Jazeera channel has now become “meaner” in handling the Yemeni file than the Houthi channel “al-Maseera”.

“Qatar’s, or specifically the Amiri Diwan of Qatar the Two Hamad regime, betrayal for the brotherhood, bonds, religion and relatives is not something new, it is as old as the Houthi project. The Qatari and the Iranian support for the Houthis was there since its emergence, but it was not clear until 2007 when Qatar interfered bluntly to save the Houthis who were about to become to an end. The Yemeni army at the end of what was called the fourth war, was about to destroy the last stronghold of the Houthi leadership, it made a suspicious mediation, which was accepted by the government and President Ali Abdullah Saleh to be one of the most catastrophic blunders.” al-Sharafi added.


“We, the sons of Saada saw the Qatari processions getting into everywhere the Houthis are, headed by “Hamad bin Seif Buainain” Qatari diplomat and one of the most important elements of Doha intelligence. It offered them generous support, huge amounts of money, encouraged their moral with great momentum and turned over the conditions of the declared reconciliation when indicates that Houthi should return to be a good citizen and do not interfere in the authority affairs, hand over the weapons and get down from the mountains,” he added.

Al-Sharafi continued saying: “on the real ground it enabled the Houthis to re-expand and buy weapons, the Qataris also had a role in buying the loyalty of a lot of the tribes Sheikhs and the politicians for the Houthi group ,providing them money which was the first main factor of the rebellion. I wrote an article about that at the beginning of June, after the decision of severing ties with Doha, which was taken by number of the Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain), the article was published in al-Sharq al-Awsat Newspaper titled (Qatar’s story in Saada mountains), the Qatari’s hostile role continued until February’s 2011 uprising which was generously funded by Qatar. Qatar managed to reserve for the terrorist Houthis a place inside these protests. The Yemeni opposition parties and all the powers involved in the protests committed the fatal mistake; the so-called “spring revolutions”, and mistake continued to be even lethal when it welcomed the racist terrorist Houthi militias involved in the killing of officers, army and security members for six wars in Saada. In addition to thousands of the victims of Saada’s citizens and ten thousands of the forcibly displaced families. It tried giving it a desperate revolutionary cover and turn the terrorist into a revolutionist.

I believe that the Doha’s government and Western parties had a role in imposing the Houthis on these political parties; whose priorities unfortunately did not include the national constants, that’s why it lost a lot and did not realize that after it was too late. A lot of its leaders and members still insist and deny the crime they did. After that became the second phase of the Houthi and the Houthi terrorist element, after being a rebellious terrorist it became a national revolutionist for the opposition and then as a political partner.

The reconciliation authority gave it more weight than it deserves; in what is called the National Dialogue Conference and the deterioration process continued until the Houthis were able to topple Sana’a and besiege the President and the government.

With Qatar’s involvement in the Arab-led coalition, we thought it had reconsidered its calculations and wanted to whitewash its record of the blatant betrayal and aggression by sponsoring and supporting bloody, racist terrorist militias that serve Iran’s direction.

'Al Jazeera worse than Al Massera'

However it seems the Doha’s government is always mistaken, once its membership in the coalition ended with a decision taken by the coalition leadership’ Al Jazeera became worse than Al-Maseera and the Amiri Diwan of Qatar became Houthi more than the Houthi political office. Since the boycotting decision, the Two Hamad regime stopped pretending and supported the Houthis Politically, financially and through media publically. This file specifically needs documentation and monitoring as the declared Qatari war against the Yemeni people and the coalition countries headed by the Saudi Arbia, should not be left without responding, while it is blood, honor and rights that would not be subject to prescription.

Concerning the development in Al-Hodeida, al-Sharafi said that the UN efforts at this timing are just hindering the liberation operation of Hodeida, which a well prepared operation since months by the Joint forces army, which are supported the coalition to support legitimacy, these forces made the largest part of the liberation of Hodeida.

He added that the paths that leads to Hodeida are Mokha and al-Khawkhah not the airport nor the platform which was liberated by the army forces, which were assigned by the coalition during the past few days. These are important and strategic locations in Hodeida city itself.

He pointed out that with not doubt the Houthis tries to stick to Hodeida though it suffers weakness and collapse, but decided that the city of Hodeida would be the central battlefield as part of the war, mobilize their elements and recruit even the children and lured youth some of which were forced to fight.

I believe that the joint forces and its supporting coalition forces were capable to liberate the City and the port in a short time, but they avoid getting into populated areas and follow a well-planned plan to neutralize civilians and densely populated areas.

We would not miss here to highlight that the pretest of protecting the civilians and the exaggeration of the media, by the media, forces and international organizations complicit with Houthi (Iran’s project in Yemen) is trying to stir up regional and international public opinion, claiming that it is concerned for the Hodeida’s inhabitant who are going to be affected by the liberation process. This was obvious through what the Houthi is building in the inhabited districts of barricades, trenches, spreading artillery and the distribution of snipers on the roofs of houses, digging trenches and using people as a human shield. The purpose of this is to look for justifications for the forces supporting the Houthis to use in their desperate efforts to stop the liberation process.

Adding that the liberation process is going on and the plan as I previously said is accurate. The army is fighting in several fronts and besieging them to enforce them to surrender or escape. Soon we would all celebrate the liberation of this important city, whose people are impatiently waiting for the freedom.

Media situation in Yemen

Al-Sahrafi said about the media situation in Yemen, there is no doubt that the media and press sector in Yemen, were the first sectors targeted by the Houthi militias supported by Iran on the night of freeing Sana’a. The offices and properties of all governmental and civilian media, channel offices and local and international newspapers were confiscated, dozens of Journalists were arrested, most of which are still disappeared , while others were martyred either being tortured or by putting them in military areas and bomb the detention centers, then claim that it was bombed by coalition forces aircraft.

All Ministry of Information employees, the legitimate government channels and also those who work in the websites who exist in Aden, Marib, Hadhramaut and other places, are victims who were forced to leave to Sana’a and other places out of fear of being kidnapped and killed, which is considered a systematic methodology for the Houthis towards all free media and opinion writers. Thus everyone tries to expose the Houthi militia’s actions and crimes, they support their kidnapped colleagues and their families by monitoring the violations committed against them and proving it, they launched campaigns for the continuous appeal for their release. However unfortunately the international organizations do not remember the human rights until it is for the Houthis interest only, to pressure the legitimacy and the coalition in order to abolish the liberation decision for the areas, which we believe are the only way to regain the country and end tyranny against all its inhabitants with all their different beliefs and loyalties; the journalist, the student, the employee, the soldier, the farmer, the teacher, the doctor, the engineer, the writer, the athlete, the military, the civilian, the sheikh, the woman and the child are all victims for this bloody project. There is no way to confront it except by force and cooperation between all the honest Yemeni people to achieve victory and regain all the areas from Hodeida to Saada.

Al-Sharafi said: “the Iranian media support for the Houthis is obvious, Iran’s project in the region has an effective and intensive media support. In Yemen we were used to complaint about this, when we, the sons of Sa’adah, were the victims of this hideous project at the very beginning, while the Yemeni media was occupied with trivial internal conflicts”.

Today, after the coalition had got involved after declaring “The decisive storm” with a historical decision by the decisive and determined king the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and His Crown Prince His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz; the establishment of the supporting legitimacy coalition, led by Saudi Arabia and the effective contribution of UAE, a stage of equity started. The coalition countries media is doing a great role in supporting Yemen, on top of the media institutions which are indulged in the media war are Al Arabiya channel, Al Hadath Channel, and the official Saudi media channels, as well as the Arabic Sky News, the official UAE media, the Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Bahraini and Sudanese media. All these countries with it armies and media are supporting the Yemeni people in a historical stance. However we still have some gaps that have its causes, most important of which is that these channels had joined that Yemeni file, without having a deep background about the conflict and the dispersion of the visions which the Yemeni citizen has. As well as the impact of the disputes and conflicts, which emerged due to the crisis of the struggle for power since the outbreak of the uprisings of the so-called Arab Spring, on how the different Yemeni parties handled the collapse of the state, exchanging accusations and shirk responsibility. The Houthi’s takeover of official Yemeni media organizations such as satellite channels, news agencies and information centers resulted in a real problem. Can you imagine a legitimate government that had fought a regional war without media for more than six months. Until, with the cooperation of the brothers in Saudi Arabia, re-launch an official channel and news agency; as if this state was established from scratch is a state of war.

We do not forget the hostile role played by Al Jazeera channel and a lot the other Qatari media channels, especially after ending its membership in the coalition in June 2017 and its return to practice the old mean actions as a media supporter for the Iranian project in Yemen, in a blunt and mean way witnessed by all the Yemenis and the peoples of the region. While we are working hard, with the honest leaders in the information ministry, media institutions, the websites, online newspapers and the social media which became the (instant media), to serve our main cause in facing all the lies and the hostile forces activities in Tehran, Doha, Dehian, Geraf, and the northern district; where we believe that we are succeeding but we need a lot of effort and capabilities to achieve our goal which we believe we deserve..

Al- Sharafi mentioned that the war is about to end, saying: we would achieve the victory which we, our country and all the great free people of our nation deserve, those who fight on our side on the first Arabs Land; Yemen. It would be a victory for the Arab and Islamic nation as a whole, defending our honor, land, dignity and destiny. Demolish Iran’s conspiracies and its followers along with domination and arrogance forces.

He clarified that the Yemenis position was expressed in the confrontation and struggle of all the free Yemenis from everywhere and on all fronts; in Sa’adah, Hajjah, Taiz, Al-Jawf, Al-Hodeida, Sana’a, Ma'rib, Al Bayda and Ibb and when the Houthis would get defeated in Al-Hodeida and the blessed fronts of Sa’adah would keep going forward to reach Taiz and Al Bayda, on the liberation path with huge momentum. Nihm, Sirwah and Al-Jawf fronts would keep going forward to reach Sana’a and ‘Amran and Haradh and Midi fronts join the march coming from the west coast; you would the Yemenis fighting to end this crisis in days.

He asserted that Saada was the first affected governorate with Houthi project, if we measured the resistance of the governorates, we would find that Saada is Yemeni governorate that stood the longest duration rejecting to surrender to the Iranian beast. It was supporting the state and the army against the rebel, since June 2004 till the beginning of 2014. When Dammaj and Kitaf as the last two districts that fell under the control of the Houthis despite the fierce resistance. Thus Sa’adah lost a lot, the state, the community and the region disappointed Sa’adah’s sons in these wars which destroyed their moral, in addition to the doubled revenge and abuse methodology the militias followed with Sa’adah’ free citizens for many years. Which suppressed the spirit of the revolution, but Sa’adah’s honorable citizens are a majority. The fronts now are coming from the East, West and north in order to liberate Sa’adah’s governorate. On 9th of May, 2018 we held a conference for Sa’adah’s tribes in order to liberate it, the conference was attended by most of the Sheikhs and the noblemen who are fighting to come back home.

With an assignment from the coalition leadership, intensive communications are held with all the social leaders, sheikhs and dignitaries; we had a great response from most of those we communicated with. There are some leaders who are following the Houthis, they are waiting for the arrival of the army to be close of its area to declare a new stance against the militia; which tortured everyone and even sacrificed children in a lost battle, just to satisfy revenge desires for racists who claims that they should have the sovereignty and the leadership of Yemen and enslave its citizens with a divine right. Saada and its sons would show you what pleases you, God willing.

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