Graves scattered across Yemen’s west coast as Houthis incur heavy losses

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Yemen's west coast has become a bleeding bastion for Houthi militias in a frontline stretching 100 kilometers from the Hays district of Taiz to the town of Hadiya, where militias have suffered heavy casualties.

Reports say more than 1,500 militia members have been killed, among them dozens of leaders since mid-June.

Over the past few hours and during intense clashes with the Yemeni army and the popular resistance backed by the Arab coalition, a number of the most important ideological leaders of the militia in the area of Tahita, Hays and in the port city of Hodeidah have been killed.

One of the prominent leaders that have been killed, named Abu Imad Hounaisha, was the security supervisor of the militias in the southern districts of Hodeidah. He was killed with his bodyguards in an air strike by the Arab coalition in al-Tahita directorate. Also in this area, another Houthi leader named Ismaeel Abdullah Yehia Zaid al-Houthi was killed, along with a number of his associates.

Ismaeel is the son of the Houthi leader Abdullah Yehia Zaid al-Houthi, the undersecretary for Yemen’s Justice Ministry in the coup government.

In the Amran governorate, also west of Yemen, Houthi leader Waleed Hussian al-Saraji, responsible for military training at one of the military camps in Amran was killed with dozens of his militias members by Arab coalition air strikes when they were on a road heading towards the western coast.

Another Houthi leader, Mazen al-Hadary, responsible for armaments in Hodeidah, was also killed along with a number of the militias members by coalition air strikes, while another Houthi leader, Abdulqader Abbas Sharafeddine, the son of the undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in the coup government, was killed with other Houthi members on Friday along the western coast.

In the port city of Hodeidah, Houthi leader Abdul Kareem Marwan who goes by the name Abu Raed was killed, along with dozens of militias, by Arab coalition air strikes.

The numbers of the Houthi militias killed in the west coast front reveal significant losses among the militia, whom the majority of its members are from the Hashemite clan which is connected to Abdul Malik al-Houthi the head of the Houthi militias.

This is an indication that the militias are facing great difficulties in convincing more tribes to fight with them, despite the mobilization campaigns and forced military recruitment in areas under its control.

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