Arab coalition reiterates commitment to humanitarian work in Yemen

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In a letter sent to the UN Security Council, the United Arab Emirates asserted that the Arab coalition is committed to the humanitarian and relief plan for the Yemeni people, especially in the strategic port city of Hodeidah .

The letter pointed to the emergency plan outlined and announced by the Arab coalition to secure the flow of humanitarian aid.

The United Arab Emirates also accused the Houthi militias of worsening the humanitarian situation in Hodeidah by planting land mines, obstructing the arrival of relief and aid, and using the humanitarian situation as a bargaining chip.

The letter also detailed that the Arab coalition established three major hospitals and 19 other health outlets fully supplied with the necessary equipments and medicines in Hodeidah. The Arab coalition backed by the Saudi, also equipped teams and provided logistic services to repair the damages caused by the Houthi militias in Hodeidah port.

The United Arab Emirates called upon the International Community to condemn the Houthi militias and the crimes they inflicted upon the Yemeni people, asserting the Arab coalition support for the UN Special envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths.

It pointed that the number of Houthi ballistic missiles launched towards Saudi Arabia have reached 150, endangering civilians.

Al Arabiya news channel correspondent in New York reported earlier that the Houthis have rejected the UN proposals to withdraw from Hodeidah and its port so it can be under the UN supervision.

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On the other hand, the United Nations demanded that the strategic port stay open for the flow of humanitarian aid, calling all parties to sit on the negotiating table to reach a political solution.

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