‘Mecca Road’ to smoothen passage of pilgrims from Malaysia, Indonesia

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Saudi, Malaysian and Indonesian officials, will participate during the coming days in launching the first pilgrim flights from the Kuala Lumpur and Soekarno-Hatta international airports.

Saudi Arabia has started implementing the ‘Mecca Road’ service to finalize the pilgrims’ entrance procedures to Saudi Arabia from inside their home countries through unified electronic paths in the airports covered.

Mecca Road is one of the initiatives being implemented in coordination with the countries who have requested to participate and benefit from it. The initiative is part of the National Transition Programs (2020) to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

This initiative aims to improve the services for the Hajj pilgrims. It was experimentally started during the pilgrimage season last year, for a section of the pilgrims from Malaysia.

This year it will include all Malaysian pilgrims and a percentage of the Indonesian pilgrims.

The initiative includes finalizing the passport and customs procedures, checking the health requirements, luggage coding and sorting, according to the transportation and housing arrangements in Saudi Arabia. This would enable the beneficial pilgrims to bypass these procedures on their arrival in Saudi Arabia. It also allows them to go directly to the buses which would be waiting to take them to their residences in Mecca and Medina.

The service entities will receive the luggage of the pilgrims covered by the initiative, and transfer it to their residences.

A Saudi team, headed by the Interior ministry, is supervising and following up the implementation of the entrance procedures of the beneficiary pilgrims to Saudi Arabia in the covered airports, and help them through any obstacles they might face, when inside Saudi Arabia or outside.

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