Kuwait intervenes to help Iraq through electricity crisis

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Although more than $40 billion was spent on electricity in Iraq, the electricity crisis continues to spark popular anger due to mismanagement by energy ministries in consecutive governments.

Kuwait has intervened to help Iraq in this realm, according to a source from the Safwan Border Crossing in South of Iraq, where they sent around 17 power generators to mitigate the electricity crisis in Basra.

According to the source, the generators will generate around 34 megawatts. The source added that the border crossing officials are waiting for the federal authorities’ orders to finalize procedures before the generators are brought into the country.

Popular protests first erupted in Basra, south of Iraq, after Iran cut off electricity supplies to Iraq around two weeks ago, and spread to other southern and central provinces and turned violent after security forces used force against protestors.

Meanwhile, the General Secretariat of the Sairoon Alliance which is supported by Muqtada Al-Sadr and which won the May 12 elections voiced its support of the protests.

Dr. Hassan Al-Aqouli, the alliance’s head, said in a statement that the alliance supports the protestors’ legitimate demands to attain essential services, such as water, electricity and job opportunities.

The statement said the protests reflect popular anger due to the failure of consecutive governments to meet people’s basic demands, adding that the gap between citizens, especially the youth, and governmental institutions have widened.

The protests thus asserted the message they conveyed when they abstained from participating in the elections, the statement added.

Ahmad al-Dulaimi, one of those participating in protests in Baghdad, said security force intensified their deployment near Tahrir Square in Baghdad in case any protests erupt there, adding that there have been protests for three days in a row in the square.

Meanwhile, Iraqi lawyer, Jabbar Mohammed, who had volunteered to defend the protestors detained by security forces, was killed on Monday in Basra.

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