Former Canadian FM urges Trudeau to travel to Riyadh to defuse tension

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Former Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird expressed concern on Saturday at the deterioration of relations between Canada and Saudi Arabia, pointing out that Canada has always been a friend and ally of the kingdom.

In an interview with Al Arabiya, Baird said that the current government in Canada adopted a policy that has reached this level of tensions due to tweets.


The former Canadian foreign minister said that there are common interests between us, such as the battle against Iran’s expansion in the region as well as the Muslim Brotherhood, in addition to ISIS.

He stressed that Canada should not adopt a position against an ally and friend. He felt that differences of views must be discussed between leaders or foreign ministers in persons and not through sending out tweets.

The former official stressed the need for direct talks through the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visit to Riyadh to meet with King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ..

The former Canadian foreign minister praised the reforms in Saudi Arabia.

The Guardian newspaper reported that Canada became an isolated nation after its recent dispute with Saudi Arabia.The newspaper based its report on the change in relations between Washington and Ottawa after Trump became president, and with the recent announcement by US State Department that it will not interfere between the Kingdom and Canada.

Following Canada’s recent interference in Saudi Arabia’s internal affairs and the subsequent suspension of relations between Riyadh and Ottawa, the policy director of former Canadian Prime Minister Rachel Coran said that Canada has no friend in the world, criticizing the policy of the current Canadian government.

Former Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird had advised earlier Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to fly to Riyadh to contain the crisis, warning of the consequences of deteriorating relations.

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