Houthis dig trenches to encircle port of ‘Salif’ northwest of Yemen’s Hodeidah

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A Yemeni military source said on Sunday that the Houthi militias have started digging military trenches to surround the port of As-Salif western of Yemen.

The source said that the Houthi militias began digging trenches in the vicinity of the air defense camp and the port of As-Salif, through which most of the humanitarian aid and ships flow through to unload wheat, foodstuffs and various goods.


According to the source, the Houthis prevented fishermen from reaching their marina in the Harfa area north of the port, amid military deployment and checkpoints on roads between the port and the residential neighborhoods.

It is noteworthy that the militias have dug dozens of trenches on the road linking the city of Hodeidah and the port of As-Salif north-west of the city.

CCTV camera at entrances

Meanwhile, the Houthi militias directed its leaders and supervisors in Sanaa to instal surveillance cameras in front of their homes and headquarters.

The Yemeni news agency Khabar quoted an official security source as saying that directives were issued by the militia requiring its leaders, supervisors and members in high positions to instal surveillance cameras in front of their homes and other buildings in various neighborhoods in Sanaa, amid fears of increasing popular rejection of them.

The source said that these directives were issued as a security precaution following fears among the leaders of the group of any possible attacks, and after the escalation of disputes between the leaders and supervisors of the Houthi militia on appointments and positions and the looting of public and private money in the capital Sanaa and areas under its control.

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