Yemeni army besieges Houthi leader’s hometown Marran

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Yemeni army forces aided by the Arab Coalition have advanced well into the Houthi militias’ stronghold Saada, and imposed a siege on the militias in Yemen’s Marran, which is Houthi leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi’s hometown, local military sources said.

The army’s artillery targeted Houthi reinforcements that were transferred from the Sufyan District in the Amran Governorate to Marran in a desperate attempt to restore the posts they’ve lost, the sources said, adding that the shelling thwarted the Houthis’ attempts to gain back any posts.

In Taiz, army forces liberated new areas where Houthi militias were stationed in the Mawiyah District, southeast of Taiz.

A military source said army forces launched a violent attack on Houthi posts south of Mawiyah and liberated the areas of Al-Mahana and Al-Kharaba, adding that the battles killed and injured some Houthi fighters while several others fled.

The army is now advancing to fully liberate Mawiyah.

Meanwhile, Yemen’s Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Yamani discussed with Martin Griffiths, the UN special envoy to Yemen, the final preparations for the peace talks that are scheduled for September 6 in Geneva.

Yamani reiterated that the legitimate government is keen on finding a solution to the crisis and said the government will positively deal with all the ideas related to releasing detainees and prisoners and cashing the wages of employees in the public sector.

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