Sheikh Sultan: Qatar tribe expulsion world’s largest proportionate displacement

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Qatar’s leading opposition figure from its ruling family has hit out against the regime in Doha after the al-Ghufran tribe were made stateless by the government last year.

“The largest forced displacement in the world has been seen in Qatar after ‘Two Hamad regime’ expelled about 5,000 people from the tribe of al-Ghufran, when its population was 200,000 at the time, or 2.5% in total,” Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim tweeted on Tuesday.

“Injustice has been done by ‘Two Hamad regime’ against the rights of the dear al-Ghufran tribe, their deportation, and the revocation of their citizenship without any right,” he added.

Sheikh Sultan became one of the first to publicly oppose from the current ruling family led by Emir Tamim bin Hamad when several countries decided to sever ties with Qatar over its support and financing of terrorist groups and interfering in the internal affairs of neighboring countries.

The al-Ghufran tribe has called on the international community to take a decisive stance against the regime of ruling Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, who they claim, has violated a number of international conventions and treaties through its racist policy against their family.

On Tuesday, they staged a protest Tuesday in front of the United Nations in Geneva to denounce the crimes of the Qatari regime who has revoked their nationality, displaced and tortured members of the tribe.

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