UN envoy to Yemen reports ‘constructive meetings’ in Sanaa

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The UN’s envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths said that he carried out “constructive meetings” with the Houthi militias’ leadership and the General People’s Congress party in Sanaa.

Griffiths tweeted on Tuesday saying that progress was made in terms of “resuming consultations and confidence building measures.”

He said that the talks included discussions about release of prisoners, the economic situation and re-opening of Sanaa airport. Griffiths added that he was heading to Riyadh on Wednesday.

This comes amid a fuel and domestic gas crisis in Sanaa, which has led to a near-stagnation of the market and the black market’s revival.

Several residents have reported that hundreds of cars are queuing in long lines in front of empty gas stations waiting for the arrival of oil derivatives.

The price of a gallon of oil of 20 liters is now being sold on the black market for about 16 thousand riyals, meanwhile it was priced at 8500 royals only a few days ago. Several residents are saying that the movement of cars and transportation in Sanaa almost stopped, with the complete lack of fuel.

The Houthi militias had blocked dozens of trucks loaded with oil derivatives at a checkpoint in al-Bayda. Several news outlets and local sources reported that the militias are selling these derivatives on the black market.

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