Yemeni army seizes military air base north of Hodeidah

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The Yemeni army said on Friday that it seized control of a military air base east of Hodeidah.

The media office of the army’s Giants Brigades said its units seized the air base and surrounding farms in the area of Kilo 16, east of Hodeidah.

It added that army and resistance forces secured the al-Nakheel farms in the Bayt al Faqih district following battles against the Houthis in the south of Hodeidah.

The Arab coalition’s fighter jets also launched a series of strikes on Al-Jabana base, Al-Arj area and Al-Kutheib, north of Hodeidah.

Meanwhile, Al Arabiya’s correspondent reported that coalition forces intensified their military operations in northern Yemeni governorates.

A military source told Al Arabiya that the coalition fighter jets and rocket launchers destroyed Houthi strategic posts in the Abs and Mustaba districts in the Hajjah Governorate, and also targeted gatherings of Houthi militiamen.

In Sanaa, the coalition carried out several strikes, and the Yemeni defense ministry said the coalition fighter jets launched military strikes on a base that the Houthi militias control north of Sanaa.

The ministry’s website quoted military sources as saying that the strikes targeted Houthis in Al-Seyana base in Al-Hasba area.