Four Houthi leaders killed in army operation in Hodeidah, al- Bayda

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The Yemeni National Army carried out several operations against Houthi militias in the al-Bayda and al-Hodeidah provinces, resulting in deaths of dozens including four of its leaders in al-Bayda.

Military sources said that those killed included Houthi leaders Jamal Yahya al-Dailami, Mohammed al-Ansi, Mattar Mohsen Muqaddam, one of the leaders from al-Jouf province, and Abdul Karim Ali al-‘Azzi, the supply and distribution officer.

On the western coast, the forces carried out an operation in coordination with the Arab Coalition targeting the barracks and sites of the Houthi militias in the villages of al-Balakma and Mahwah east of the Directorate of Tahita in Hodeidah governorate.

Ammunition store

The operation resulted in the death and wounding of dozens of militias and the destruction of a weapons store and Houthi ammunition in the villages of Malajm and Mahwah. Coalition aircraft have launched several raids on militia positions and locations throughout the east and north of Hodeidah.

Local sources confirmed that the raids resulted in the destruction of weapons and reinforcement for the militias located in one of the western suburbs of Halaka market, which was used by the Houthis as a supply center for its units around the city.

The raids also targeted several locations near the Central Security Camp, in 50 Street, the northern area of the sixteen-kilometer triangle and the coastal defense building in Salif district.

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