20 Houthi militiamen killed in Yemen’s Baqim, including two commanders

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Two of Houthi militia commanders were killed during clashes with Yemeni army forces in the Baqim district, north of Saada.

According to a local news site, a field source confirmed that Houthi Commander Abdullah Yousif Hussein Thawra, was killed during a Yemeni forces attack on the militias’ locations behind the al-Udaida Mountains, northwest of the center of the Baqim district.

The source added that Thawra is one of the militias’ top commanders and headsin various battlefronts in Saada, and received training in Iran.

Another field source stated that the second Houthi commander, Abu Ali al-Nawari, was killed during the same attack by the army’s forces behind the al-Udaida Mountains.

The source added that Nawari was appointed by the Houthis 10 days ago as the commander of the so-called “quick intervention forces” in the Baqim front.

On Monday, the army launched a surprise attack on the Houthi militia’s locations, behind al-Udaida Mountains northwest of the Baqim district, during which the militias suffered several losses in militiamen and armed vehicles.

Media sources said that the Yemeni army was able to capture a Houthi sniper from the battalion of the special guards of the militias’ leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi during a battle to liberate Ramdan battle, behind al-Udaida Mountains in Baqim.

The source added that 18 other militiamen were killed by Arab Coalition air raids along with the Houthi sniper in this battle.

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