Khashoggi ex-wife: I do not know Khadijah, why is she handling his social media?

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Since the disappearance of Saudi citizen and journalist Jamal Khashoggi, his former wife Dr. Alaa Nassif, has remained silent. But in an interview to Al Arabiya English on Sunday she shared her views on the subject.

“All the Saudi dissidents have not been harmed, no one reached to them to hurt them, even when they are outside the country. This is a truth since the establishment of the country. They might have said more than what Jamal have said and they were not harmed. There are many examples,” Dr. Nassif said.

When was asked about his so-called Turkish fiancé, named Khadijah (Hatice Cengiz), Dr. Nassif said: “While Khadijah claims to be the fiancé of Jamal, I have not heard of that name beforehand and neither his family nor his son Abdullah, who was with him in Turkey for two weeks before his disappearance. If Khadijah was in Jamal’s life, I would be the first to know, but she was never in his life.”

Dr. Nassif revealed that she was “surprised” why Khashoggi's electronic gadgets are with Khadijah, expressing astonishment on how the self-proclaimed fiancé is handling his personal accounts on social media, and which are subjected to “deletions and manipulation.”

The former wife of Jamal Khashoggi said: “I did not know that Jamal moved from America to Turkey. He did not tell me that, and I do not know why,” stressing that “the priority now for his children is the truth, and that everyone has to keep silent.”

Meanwhile, Salah Jamal Khashoggi, the eldest son of the Saudi journalist, said earlier in an interview with Al Arabiya English that he did not know who Khadijah was: “I have only heard of her through the media,” he said.

Salah Khashoggi confirmed that all members of his family support Saudi official investigations, which only “will lead us to positive results and uncover the truth.” Read more

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