WATCH: Saudi-Egyptian military exercises to combat terrorism

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Saudi-Egyptian military exercises executed by the two countries’ armed forces in the southern military area have ended on Friday.

The exercises saw the participation of Omani, Bahraini, and Emirati monitors.

Colonel Tamer al-Refai, the military spokesperson of the Egyptian armed forces, said that the last stage of the military exercises included having the forces perform a joint operation to defeat a terrorist cell in a civilian area, clearing the area from any terrorists, and working on restoring life for the residents. There were also joint live fire exercises.

The military exercises began, according to Refai, with aerial reconnaissance conducted in multirole combat aircrafts and capturing pictures of terrorist targets.

Reconnaissance engineers were also pushed to detect and disarm explosive devices, and to secure routes and intrusion lines.

Refai also said that forces besieged areas, securing the civilian neighborhoods and performed storming operations into the area to clear it from terrorists.

The military was also trained to provide civilians with medical, administrational, and psychological support to make the facilities of the town operational again and restore life as they knew it.

The training also included chasing and eliminating terrorist cells fleeing towards mountainous areas, using direct and indirect artillery firing .

At the end of the military exercises, the Egyptian defense minister’s assistant reaffirmed the strong Saudi-Egyptian military ties, complementing the level of cooperation and coordination between their forces against arising terrorism in the region.

Major General Ahmed al-Muqarren, deputy leader of the royal Saudi land forces, passed the greetings of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to the forces participating in the exercise, complementing their efforts and high performance level.