Arab Coalition: Operations on Dulaimi airbase targeted a Houthi terrorist plan

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The Arab Coalition spokesman Turki al-Maliki announced on Friday that the operation that targeted al-Dulaimi airbase in Sanaa airport stopped a Houthi terrorist plan.

Maliki said that the operation, which was done with great precision, destroyed eight main targets for ballistic missiles and drones.

The operation happened following an intelligence process to monitor the activities of the Houthi militias with the aim of destroying and neutralizing such capabilities that threaten regional and international security.

Maliki added that two of the destroyed targets were training facilities for launching ballistic missiles, and further revealed that Houthis were attempting to use a mosque to protect these facilities.

The operation targeted launching and storage sites of ballistic missiles, ground control stations for drones, and assembly and support sites for the air base in Sanaa.

Maliki confirmed that the Houthi drones are made in Iran, and that Houthis would not have been able to attack if it weren’t for the Iranian support.

The airbase is located near Sanaa International Airport, but aviation at the airport and international aid efforts were not affected, Maliki added.

He said that the operation was carried out in accordance with international humanitarian laws and rules of engagement.

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