Yemeni minister of information defects from Houthi coup government

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An official source at the Yemeni embassy in Riyadh confirmed to Al Arabiya English that Yemeni Minister of Information Abdulsalam Jaber has defected from the Houthi militias and joined the ranks of the internationally-recognized legitimate government.

Jaber is said to have been in the Saudi capital of Riyadh since two days ago and is set to hold a morning press conference at 10 am local time on Sunday, the source confirmed.

The press conference will address many questions, including details of Houthi crimes against Yemenis, and prisoners and violations of their rights, and his role within the coup. Among the questions he is set to answer is whether as minister he was simply a used a puppet figure by the Houthis.

The source added that Jaber was part of the Southern Movement and is one of the sons of Dalea, who lived in Beirut for seven years, and supervised research centers and classrooms for Iran, the Houthi m militias and the Hezbollah group.

“Abdul Salam was only a tool that had no value, and all he did was to be present through social media platforms,” the source said.

The source added that Jaber is the third minister from the Houthi militias to have defected from their ranks so far.

The sources added that dissidents not all Yemeni dissidents come to Saudi Arabia, with some choosing to go to Cairo, while others have preferred to travel outside the Arab countries to avoid assassination attempts or prosecution at the hands of Houthis.

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