Defected Houthi information minister: We were forced to work within coup govt

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In a press conference in Riyadh on Sunday, the Information Minister of Houthi militia, Abdul-Salam Jaber, confirmed that he was happy to defect from the militia and join the Yemeni national forces.

"Our arrival in Riyadh opens wider doors to work to restore the legitimacy of Yemen, the homeland that suffered a catastrophe that exceeded the ability of Yemenis to tolerate the practice of the de facto authority in Sanaa," he said, referring to the Houthi militias which took control over Sanaa in 2014.

"We thank the leadership of government for what they have done to secure our travel from Sanaa to Aden and from Aden to Riyadh."

He added: "I want to clarify the current situation within the areas controlled by the Houthis.

"Since September 21, 2014, Yemen has been under a state of repression following the Houthi takeover. The people have been subjected to Houthi domination; what is happening in Yemen now is more dangerous than a coup. "

He also praised the intervention of the Arab coalition.

He also revealed that he was among the team that conducted a "disinformation campaign" in Yemen. He explained that all the Houthi coupists are being supported by Iran and other countries.

"Yemenis will not accept foreign 'projects' that dominate their country."

"We were forced to work within the coup government. But the coupists are now in their last days," he added.