Treachery accusations lead to killings of two Houthi group leaders

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A number of the militia elements were killed, including two field leaders, and many others were injured after clashes between two Houthi groups.

According to local sources, one group was led by Abu Youssef of Sa’ada governorate and the other led by Abu Harb of Nahm Directorate in Sana’a.

The sources attributed the causes behind the clashes to tribal differences. Abu Youssef of al-Sa’ada and his companions had arrested Abu Harb and a number of his companions from one of the location he supervises, on charges of treason.

Those arrested were taken to a house in the area, which they use as a military barrack, where they were beaten and interrogated.

The situation worsened between the two groups to the extent of outbreak clashes with personal weapons and daggers, which led to the deaths of a number of elements from both sides.

Campaign of arrests

After this incident, the militia leadership in Sa’ada ordered a wide campaign of arrests from Houthi elements of the Nahm Directorate in Gobarah and Ma’adi villages. A number of followers of the Houthi leader, Mohammed Abd El Wali Sarhan “Abu Mohammed”, was arrested.

Earlier to this, there were disputes between Houthi leaders from Nahm and Sa’ada in the region, after leaders from Nahm were accused of treachery, which led to clashes using light weapons.