Yemeni govt: Handing Hodeidah Port to UN with Houthi conditions is a violation

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The Yemeni government rejected the Houthi militias’ proposal of handing over the supervision of the Hodeidah Port to the UN, adding that by doing this, the Houthis only aim to mislead and re-position themselves.

The Houthis have agreed to hand over supervision of the port to the UN under the condition that the port’s revenues be handed over to the Central Bank in Sanaa, controlled by the militias.

“Handing over the port of Hodeidah to anyone other than the legitimacy is a violation of sovereignty,” the government said in a statement.

Minister of State Mohammed al-Amiri said the Houthis have been looting the state’s revenues through the port for four years and practiced piracy, threatened international navigation, committed crimes and thwarted humanitarian aid.

Negotiations over the Hodeidah Port came amid violent clashes in Al-Khamseen Street where national army forces and Houthi militias exchanged artillery shelling. Meanwhile, the coalition’s air force targeted Houthi posts and military vehicles in several areas in Hodeidah.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States Prince Khalid bin Salman has said that only consistent pressure on the Iran-backed Houthi militias would eventually lead to a political solution in Yemen.

“After stalling for months, the Houthis agreed to talk about handing some control of Hodeidah port to the UN,” Prince Khalid tweeted on Tuesday.

“This comes as they are on the verge of being pushed out by force; proof that only consistent pressure on the Iran backed militia will lead to a political settlement,” he added.