Family of British teacher brutally raped, murdered by Qatari, slams Doha court

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Alison Patterson, British mother of primary school English teacher Lauren Patterson, 24, who was brutally raped and stabbed to death by a Qatari in Doha in 2013, on Thursday slammed the Qatari legal system for dropping the death sentence to only five years in prison.

Her daughter Lauren was raped and stabbed to death and later burnt by Qatari Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabr in October 2013. Police found her remains with a knife still in her ribcage and she was only identified through DNA, according to The Sun.

Jabr was originally found guilty and sentenced to death but that his sentence was reduced to 10 years and was on Monday halved to just five years by a Qatari Appeals Court.

The devastated mum wrote about the family ordeal and shock on social media under the accounts of Justice for Lauren, through which she has raised funds to seek justice for her daughter.

“I feel devastated that they think Lauren’s death was nothing as he is a Qatari and above everyone else,” Alison said. She added that this justice system is an absolute farce. “I will meet with the British ambassador and my lawyer. I will be appealing this.” Lauren’s sister Georgia said: “How far Qatar will go to protect a Qatari!!! Qatar you should be ashamed of your selves!!!!”

Lauren, from West Malling, Kent, was murdered in October 2013 and al-Jabr was sentenced to death in 2014 but after a series of appeals, the sentence was reduced.

Friends of the family have called on the Foreign Office to do more - especially as they have been so vocal regarding freed “spy” Matthew Hedges.

Lauren and a friend had accepted a lift home from al-Jabr and her pal was dropped off safely before she was murdered.

Defense lawyers have claimed al-Jabr had acted in self-defense and was incapable of killing before ludicrously suggesting Lauren had committed suicide.