Yemeni govt reaffirms conditions regarding control of Hodeidah port

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Yemen's legitimate government stressed the need to uphold the implementation of Security Council resolution 2216, and to hand over the port of Hodeidah to the legitimacy.

Ahead of the UN talks in Sweden, Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs Khaled al-Yamani said in an interview with Al Arabiya news channel that the file on the release of prisoners and detainees is ready, and that the government has finalized all preparations in this regard, completing all necessary measures to release detainees and prisoners.

Regarding the Hodeidah port, al-Yamani stressed that "anyone who thinks that the legitimate government will give up the control of Hodeidah port, is delusional."

Yamani also mentioned that the Yemeni government had earlier set up a four-point initiative, called the “Hodeidah Initiative”, which demands the Houthi militias to withdraw from the entire west coast, and to hand over of the port to the legitimate government which will supervise the city under the interior ministry. It also stipulates that the port’s management should come under the authority of the Ministry of Transport, while all ports’ income should go to the central bank in Aden.

The Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs added that this initiative is still being upheld on their side, and any solution outside its context is rejected.

Yamani called on the UN to also put more focus on the Houthis violations.

Regarding the British draft resolution, the Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs considered it unfavorable and inappropriate at the moment, considering that Yemen does not need more resolutions, but more decisiveness and courage from the international community to end the coup, force the militias to withdraw and surrender their weapons.

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