Houthis detain 12 nuns volunteering in a Hodeidah hospital

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Twelve nuns were detained by Houthi militias from a Hodeidah hospital that they were volunteering in, to be moved to the Yemeni capital Sanaa, sources said.

Local sources have confirmed that Houthi militias moved 12 nuns from Hodeidah to Sanaa after detaining them along with dozens of others from Dar al-Salam hospital specialized in psychiatric and neurological diseases.

The hospital is now being used as a military base by Houthis.

Sources said that the volunteering nuns are from different nationalities, and that they were detained by Houthi militias several days ago before being pressured by the UN to move them to Sanaa.

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Medical sources said that the foreign nuns were volunteers in the hospital for the past eight years.

It was also indicated that the nuns demanded their return to their countries after Houthi militias controlled the hospital and turned it into a military base.

Sources also said that the nuns had tried leaving unsuccessfully, after 42 patients were moved to an unknown place, arms were stored in the hospital, and fighters spread in the hospital and on its roofs.