Riyadh Summit stresses GCC role in facing challenges

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The Riyadh Declaration stressed the importance of the Gulf Cooperation Council unifying in order to meet the challenges of the region, while ensuring the strength of the GCC and unity among its members.

GCC Secretary General Dr. Abdul Latif al-Zayani said at the closing session of the Riyadh summit that a roadmap would be developed to achieve the council's objectives, both ensuring the interests of citizens, while enhancing security in the region and the regional and international role of the GCC.

The leaders stressed the importance of the comprehensive implementation of the provisions of the economic agreement between the GCC countries, especially the removal of obstacles to the realization of the common economic market.

The Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) 39th annual summit released a seven-point Riyadh Declaration as follows:

1. Establish a roadmap to activate the necessary procedures to achieve the vision of the leaders to achieve integration among the GCC States and lay the foundations for framing and regulating the relations of the Member States with the international community, in order to achieve further growth and prosperity to achieve the aspirations of the citizens. Strengthening the security and stability of the region, enhancing the status of the GCC countries, enhancing the performance of its devices and enhancing its regional and international role.

2. In the economic sphere, the leaders must adhere strictly to the time programs adopted to complete the steps of economic integration among the GCC countries, and the comprehensive application of the provisions of the economic agreement, and remove all obstacles and difficulties facing the implementation of decisions of joint action, And the issuance of the necessary legislative regulations to achieve economic unity among the GCC States by 2025.

3. In the field of joint defense of the GCC countries, the appointment of the commander of the unified military command of the GCC is an important step to complete the joint defense system. Their Majesties and Highnesses quickly completed all the procedures for activating the unified military leadership and carrying out its functions. The establishment of the unified military command on solid strategic bases and the rehabilitation of the Gulf military leadership to perform these tasks.

4. In the area of security, the leaders stressed the pivotal role of the GCC in maintaining security and stability in the region and combating terrorist organizations through the security integration of the GCC states and countering extremist ideology by emphasizing the values of moderation, tolerance, pluralism and human rights, derived from our Islamic religion and authentic Arab traditions. And working with the GCC partners in the international community to eradicate the phenomenon of terrorism and the drying up of its sources, and to counter the actions of some militias and terrorist groups to undermine the resources and wealth of the countries of the region.

5. The leaders stressed the utmost importance of developing a unified and effective foreign policy for the GCC, based on the Statute of the Council and working to preserve its interests and gains and avoiding regional and international conflicts. They affirmed their support for the Palestinian cause and the unity of the Palestinian ranks. Achieving those countries security, stability, and economic prosperity.

6. Leaders directed to strengthen strategic partnerships and economic and cultural cooperation relations and political and security coordination between the GCC and friendly countries and other regional systems, in line with the changes in the international system and with the aim of maintaining security and stability in the region. To help brotherly and friendly countries, through the many humanitarian and development programs funded by the GCC countries around the world, based on its humanitarian duty and its Islamic and Arab values.

7. Leaders stressed the important role of the GCC countries, the business sector, women and the Gulf family and NGOs to preserve the gains of the Council's march, to present constructive proposals to support them and to implement the resolutions and directives issued by their Majesties and Highnesses at this summit.

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