Yemen govt confirms progress on prisoner swap deal with Houthis

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The legitimate Yemeni government’s delegation currently in Sweden have confirmed progress has been made in the technical aspects of a possible prisoner swap deal with the Houthi militias.

Brigadier Askar Ahmed Za’il told Al Arabiya that direct consultations were held with the opposing delegation from Sanaa to discuss the details of the mechanisms to form an exchange of prisoners and the methods of assembly and transport and international bodies that would supervise the process.

He said he expected consultations on the prisoners' file to be confirmed within the next 24 hours.

The current round of direct negotiations is currently the first to tackle the issue of political prisoners and being held by the two sides face to face since the start of the talks which began on Thursday.

The Ambassadors of the permanent members of the UN Security Council called on the parties to work towards progress in the ongoing talks in Sweden on confidence-building measures, the negotiating framework and the reduction of violence.

The ambassadors of both delegations met on Sunday morning. A member of the Yemeni delegation Mohammed al-Amiri said that the international community renewed its commitment to Security Council resolution 2216 to end the crisis of the coup.

Both parties formed specialized working committees to consult with the United Nations. The committees differ for both sides. The delegation of the legitimate government formed three committees concerning prisoners, the economic situation and Taiz.

On the other hand, Sanaa’s delegation formed committees focused on the issues of prisoners, the Sanaa airport and the economic situation. For its part, the United Nations has set up confidence-building measures, a negotiating framework and a reduction in violence as key issues they would like tackled.