UN Chief: We are witnessing beginning of the end of Yemeni crisis

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United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres held on Thursday a press conference on the final day of UN brokered peace talks on the Yemeni crisis, which convened last Thursday in Rimbo, Sweden and ended today.

The UN Chief stressed that what has been achieved so far between the two sides is an important step for the Yemeni people, the most important of which being deals on the Yemeni cities of Taiz and Hodeidah.

He added that he believes both Yemeni delegates representing the legitimate government and the Houthis achieved real development in the negotiations.

He said: “We are witnessing the beginning of the end of the Yemen crisis”

He further revealed that the Yemeni president Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi - whose government is internationally recognized - expressed his full support of the outcomes of the Sweden peace talks.

Guterres also announced reaching an agreement regarding Hodeidah city and its ports, which will improve the living standards of millions of Yemenis.

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A deal has also been reached on aid reaching the city of Taiz.

The next round of Yemeni negotiations will be held in January 2019, Guterres said.

The UN secretary general assured that all efforts will be made to help the Yemeni people solve their problems.

"The deal on Hodeidah was one of the hardest things we faced, but it will have a huge influence on the humanitarian and security situation. I congratulate both delegations on reaching this deal," said Guterres.

Earlier on Thursday, a UN spokeswoman told reporters that the parties to the Yemeni conflict, who held indirect negotiations, received four draft agreements, and are expected to put forward their response by Thursday evening, while the outcomes of the peace talks will be presented to the UN Security Council on Friday, according to the spokeswoman.

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