King Salman addresses Islamic scholars on need to counter negative image

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The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, asserted that Saudi Arabia, which was established on values of moderation and temperance will continue its commitments and initiatives that aim to achieve the hopes of Muslims worldwide.

The statement was made during a speech delivered on behalf of King Salman by Prince Khalid Al Faisal, the King’s adviser, at the opening of the International Islamic Unity Conference which is organized by the Muslim World League in Mecca.

The conference was titled “Islamic unity - the risks of classification and exclusion.”

Prince Khalid Al Faisal welcomed the participants to the conference and conveyed to them greetings of King Salman.

King Salman’s statement was as follows:

I highly appreciate the presence of these elite scholars of the nation to this conference, out of their duty in healing the gap threatening their nation, to reject disputes, to unite, and to agree on one notion to direct at the world.

We have hope in this enlightening knowledge, to omit the nation’s stumbles and achieve unity, which is not directed against anyone, but rather it seeks solidarity for the good of humanity.

Necessity of overcoming negative images

A quick look at our current reality, is enough to make us realize the necessity of overcoming the negative images that burdened our present and historical accumulations and its impact on the Islamic nation path. Thus we are invited to spread awareness, correct the wrong concepts and understand the different concept by creating links of discussions and cooperation towards harmony and hard work.

Look to the future with a promising perspective filled with a spirit of brotherhood and solidarity.

The International Islamic Unity Conferencemade a good choice by selecting “Islamic unity - the risks of classification and exclusion”, as a title for this conference and made “promoting the concepts of national state and its common values” one of its pillars as an attempt to consolidate the word of the nation’s scholars, and thinkers.

The centrality of Islam and moderation, which spread on the basis of its civilization, to cover about two-thirds of the world.

Address obstacles that hinder unity

Our whole Islamic world looks forward today for this gathering and hopes that your distinguished conference will address the obstacles that hinder establishing its ultimate unity and promotes its separation that God had warned us from.

Undoubtedly, you are gathered today for a difficult mission, considering that it addresses many accumulations and hostilities more than the haters of the Islamic Nation who drive a fierce campaign against their religion, morals, culture and civilization.

They attribute to Islam what is not, taking advantage of the extremists in both direction.

However, with your strong will and firm knowledge, you are able to achieve this International Islamic Unity, the dream of your nation throughout the globe, so that the nation would continue its historical role as a role model for the whole world.

Saudi Arabia, which was established on moderation and tolerence, which oversees the service of the two holy mosques and the guests of Rahman will continue its obligations and initiatives to achieve the hopes of Muslims.

I ask God almighty, to grant you success and fulfillment in your noble mission, and to help us all for what He loves and pleases.