Houthis violate shaky Hodeidah ceasefire as clashes erupt in several areas

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A shaky ceasefire in the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah was called into doubt after Houthi militias began shelling government forces just minutes after the truce came into effect.

Al Arabiya sources confirmed clashes erupted near the Kilo 14 and Kilo 16 areas east of the city.

An immediate ceasefire by warring parties in Yemen went into effect in Hodeidah at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday.

A statement from the legitimate Yemeni government released just 30 minutes before the ceasefire came into effect read that orders were issued for its armed forces in the fourth military region and vicinity of Hodeidah to stop all armed activity.

The ceasefire will encompass both the province and city of Hodeidah as well as its ports extending to As Salif District the port of Ras Essa.

The announcement of the ceasefire date follows Yemen’s warring sides clinching a deal in Sweden on Thursday, under which an “immediate ceasefire” was to be implemented in Hodeidah.

The UN source said the delay until 2100 GMT on Monday was necessary for “operational reasons”.

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