Yemeni FM: No new negotiations until security returns to Hodeidah

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The Yemeni Foreign Minister, Khalid al-Yamani, said that the Yemeni government cannot go to the next round of talks unless security and stability return to Hodeidah, in addition to achieving all what was agreed on in Stockholm.

This comes before a video conference will be held today, with the presence of military representatives from both sides to look into the withdrawal of all forces from Hodeidah.

Yamani confirmed in an interview with Al Arabiya that Houthis’ acceptance of executing the Hodeidah deal draws the conflict to a closer end.

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He also considered the outcomes of the peace talks a “victory” for the legitimate government and the peace process in Yemen.

The foreign minister also pointed out that the old mechanism that the UN used to monitor arms imports from Iran to Houthi militias was not able to fully control the situation due to its base being in Djibouti.

However, he said that now with the latest deal, the monitoring agents will be deployed on Yemeni ports, which will prevent any military aid from reaching the militias.

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Yamani also said that the Hodeidah ceasefire is in effect, and that a government committee was formed to coordinate and relocate people under the supervision of the United Nations.