Houthi militias admit death of top leader as Yemeni army advances in Harad

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The Houthi militias have admitted the death of one of their top leaders, Mukhtar Ahmad al-Mahakari, in al-Jawf, north of Yemen.

Houthi media outlets published the news of Mahakari’s funeral, who was also the commander of the Sabrin front. Mahakari was killed with a number of militiamen during clashes with the legitimate government forces in the directorate of Kheb and al-Shaaf.

Government forces had announced a new military operation to liberate the remainder of the directorate, where they reached the Sabrin front and caused Houthi casualties as well as heavy losses in arms.

This comes as Yemen’s Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Abdullah al-Nakhi, said that “military operations will continue on various fronts to achieve the full objectives, and restore legitimacy, and end the coup, and the return of security and stability in Yemen.”

Meanwhile, Yemeni army forces, backed by the Arab Coalition liberated new areas in the eastern border district of Harad in the Hajjah governorate on Saturday.

According to a military source, the national army liberated the mountain range of al-Hasneen and Kars al-Wahhab overlooking the road linking Harad and Hodeidah.

The source added that the national army forces had launched a surprise attack and imposed a suffocating siege on the militias in the district of Harad.

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