WATCH: After Washington Post op-ed, Houthi leader in ‘Death to America’ chant

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Prominent Houthi militia leader, Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, who received prominent op-ed space in the Washington Post has been caught in a video chanting “Death to America.”

In the video, he is also spotted launching a shoulder-fired missile. He then chants, “Allah is the greatest. Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse the Jews. Victory to Islam.”

Other videos posted on social media show Mohammed al-Houthi traveling in a vehicle with soldiers while stationed at a mounted machine gun.

In The Washington Post op-ed, Mohammed al-Houthi called for peace in Yemen and said that United States has the clout to bring an end to the conflict.

Earlier report

In November last year, Al Arabiya English carried a report, which carried the criticism of The Washington Post for running an op-ed piece by al-Houthi on its pages.

The report contained a video shared on social media which shows the Houthi leader taking a tour with teenagers on the back of what looks like a military truck.

The video generated interest following a decision taken by Washington Post to allow the Houthi leader to write an op-ed, even as the video shows him with reportedly teenager recruits.