Yemen: 15 civilian casualties in Houthi rocket attack

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With the latest flare of violence - after the Houthi militias’ bomb-laden drone attack on the Yemen’s largest airbase killed six soldiers of the legitimate army - a rocket attack launched by the pro-Iranian militias late on Thursday killed and injured 15 civilians, including women and children, in Haradh district north of Hajjah governorate.

A local source said that the rocket attack targeted a civilian home, leading to the killing of four women, four children and the wounding of seven others.

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Arab coalition strikes Houthis in Saada, Hajjah

The Arab coalition backing the Yemeni legitimate government released video footage of military strikes by its forces targeting the Houthi militias’ armed activities and ammunition depots in both governorates of Saada and Hajjah.

The airstrikes targeted gatherings for the Houthis as well as vehicles loaded with weapons in the governorates.

Houthis kidnap five air force officers

In a related development, the pro-Iranian Houthi militias kidnapped five air force officers after storming their homes in Sanaa and took them to an unknown destination, according to a local news website.

The source added that the officers were working in the Yemeni air force until the Houthis took control in 2014, refusing to comply with the directives of the militias and to return to work for them despite the temptations and continuous threats.

The source pointed out that the Houthi militias believe that the kidnapped officers have “information about secret stores for the air force not detected by the militias to date and may include missiles intended to shoot down fighter jets, which Yemen had purchased from Russia under the late slain President Ali Abdullah Saleh.”

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