MWL publishes ‘Mecca Document’ encouraging tolerance in Muslim societies

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The Muslim World League (MWL) has published a document on Wednesday that concludes the sessions of the “Mecca Document Conference,” aiming to achieve peace between different elements of the Muslim society, two days before the Islamic Summit.

The seven-page long document has 29 different Islamic principles accompanied with instructions of tolerance and equality while repelling hate preachers and any sect considering the other “inferior”.


The first page of the document stresses the importance of its issuance from Mecca, the holiest city in Islam and the direction of prayer for more than 1.6 billion Muslims around the world.

“Islamophobia is a result of not truly knowing Islam… to truly know Islam, one needs objectivity and getting rid of judgments,” the document says addressing the trendy fear or hatred of Islam.

The document rejects the interferences in the affairs of other countries “especially through aiming for political dominance, economic greediness, or encouraging sectarian ideologies.”

It also addresses connecting a certain religion with the political practices of its followers, stressing on the fact that all three monotheistic religions are innocent of negative practices.

To eliminate causes of conflicts related to religion and culture, the document encourages enforcing laws that set back hate preachers and encouragers of violence and terrorism.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to counter terrorism and oppression and reject violating human rights,” reads one of document’s 29 principles. The document also stresses on women’s rights in Islam, including in religious, scientific, political, and societal aspects, and discourages the wage gap between genders.

The document in concept is similar to one called “the Medina document” which was written in the time of Mohammed, the prophet of Islam. It was a constitutional document that aims to unify the principles of living and achieving peace between different elements of society.

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