Bahrain executes three men over terrorism charges, killing of mosque imam

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Bahrain executed early on Saturday three people convicted in two separate cases, one a case of “terrorism” and killing a police officer by an Iran-linked terrorist group, and the second related to the killing of a mosque imam, the public prosecution said.

Public Prosecutor Ahmed al-Hammadi said two of the individuals in the terrorism case were also charged with possession of explosives and firearms for the purpose of terrorism. He stated that, in coordination with the organization’s leader in Germany, they arranged for the travel of a number of recruits to Iran and Iraq to train on how to use explosives and firearms in IRGC camps.

The convicts were put to death along with a third death row prisoner found guilty of murder.

The terrorism case was based on investigations, which uncovered a terrorist organization joined by a dozen members from abroad in Iran, Iraq, and Germany, and 40 members in Bahrain. The organization was preparing to commit a number of terrorist crimes inside Bahrain “for the purpose of disturbing the public order, endangering the safety and security of the Kingdom, harming national unity and obstructing the public authorities from carrying out their duties,” Bahrain News Agency reported.

The planned armed attacks included the storming of the kingdom's Jaw prison in January 2017 that killed a guard and led to the escape of 10 detainees, the prosecutor said.

That attack was followed by two separate fatal attacks on police officers later the same month, the prosecutor added.

The prosecutor said that the suspects in Iran and Iraq communicated with the organization’s members in Bahrain, and set out to recruit more members, as well as provide them with arms that they planned to smuggle into the country.

The suspects were arrested following a raid on their place of residence, where Bahraini authorities say they found large quantities of explosives, hand grenades, Kalashnikovs and ammunition.

Imam murder

In a separate case, a Bahrain mosque’s muezzin (the person who recites the call to prayer) was sentenced to death for killing the mosque’s imam, whose body parts were found in the desert, according to the public prosecutor.

The man was charged based on witness testimonies as well as forensic reports, security footage and the results of the forensic laboratory reports.

The case was brought before the High Criminal Court, during which the prosecution presented the evidence proving the charges, requesting the maximum sentence.

The accused had appealed the death sentence before the Court of Appeal and the Court of Cassation, which ruled against it.

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