Saudi woman on holiday kidnapped in Istanbul: Aawsat

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A Saudi woman was reportedly kidnapped in Istanbul while on holiday in the Turkish city with her family, Asharq al-Awsat reported on Wednesday, citing her husband’s appeal to authorities.

The woman, known as Abeer, was sprayed in the face with a substance that knocked her unconscious and was taken away by a man, said the report, citing a source describing footage from a security camera.

Abeer, her husband, and her children were staying in a hotel in the Asian part of Istanbul, next to which the attack took place, according to the report.

There has been no communication with her since she was kidnapped “a few days ago,” the report says, and neither the Saudi consulate nor Turkish police were able to determine her whereabouts.

“A person carrying a small package sprayed a substance on the face of the Saudi tourist, who lost consciousness, before taking her with him until she disappeared from view,” the source said.

Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Turkey had issued a warning to its citizens on August 18, after unidentified gunmen shot at and robbed a group of Saudi nationals in Istanbul.

The embassy asked Saudi nationals in Turkey to take all precautions during their stay, and to avoid going to Sisli and Taksim Square – two popular tourist spots in the city – after sunset.

In July, Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Turkey issued an alert to its citizens visiting the country regarding the safekeeping of their belongings after a spate of cases involving the theft of Saudi passports in Istanbul.