Saudi notarial offices perform 3.5 million operations in 12 months

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Saudi notarial offices have carried out 3.5 million operations in the past 12 months, according to a statement by the Saudi Ministry of Justice, which had began recruiting women notaries earlier in June.

The operations include 2 million powers of attorney (PoAs) and acknowledgments, and about 1 million property notarizations, the statement said.

Digitization initiative

The statement added that clients can now get electronic PoAs issued through the online portal of the Saudi Ministry of Justice and that mobile notarial services are also available for those who are unable to visit notarial offices.

As for notarial statistics, the Riyadh region tops the list for the highest number of notarial operations, amounting to about 1.5 million; followed by Makkah with 575,000, and the Eastern region with 423,000 operations.

Earlier, Justice Minister Waleed al-Samaani had launched a new digitization initiative for notarization work, providing several e-services that spare clients the need to visit the ministry.

Women notaries

In June, the ministry recruited female notaries with the aim of facilitating judicial services for women and expanding their role in the Kingdom’s governmental sector, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported, citing informed sources.

The ministry had also began the recruitment of women as legal advisers, researchers, and legislators for the first time, and it aims to develop a women’s public administration as part of the ministry’s new structure.

In 2018, Saudi women began obtaining notarization licenses to work in private notary departments at the ministry of justice.