US to present report showing Iranian involvement in Saudi oil attacks: Diplomat

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Washington will present a report on the recent attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities after a US-Saudi-European investigation team found no relation between the attacks and the war in Yemen, Assistant Secretary of Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker told Al Arabiya during an interview.

During the interview, Schenker said the US was still discussing with its European allies about the participation in ensuring the security of the Gulf.

“There is no relationship between the war in Yemen and what happened in Aramco in Saudi Arabia and the bombings. First of all, well we know that the Houthis are Iran's proxy. They've been provided weapons, according to the UN, since 2009 at least by the Iranians,” Schenker said.

“What happened with Saudi Arabia was missiles and UAVs fired from Iranian territory they hit the northwest side of this facility. It's technically impossible for Yemen which is to the south to hit that location,” he added.

The US has pointed to Iran being behind the combination drone and cruise missile attacks on September 14 which heavily damaged two Saudi oil installations, forcing the key oil supplier to slash output.

Iran has denied responsibility, and President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday challenged the US and others to provide evidence to back up their accusations.

Schenker told Al Arabiya that a US-European-UN investigation is currently on the ground with the Saudis investigating intact materials from one of the missiles used in the attacks.

“We have a missile that is intact, and we will take it apart. We will look at the innards and we'll come forward with a very transparent report detailing but even you know just one week or so after this. It's so incontrovertible the evidence that we have that these states, Germany and France in particular, it's remarkable they came forward and did this. That points to how strong the evidence is. But what the Houthis do in Yemen that is another story entirely. They were told by the Iranians no doubt to admit responsibility,” he said.