Saudi female ‘Mecca Girl’ rapper: I was not detained, planning new video

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A Saudi Arabian female rapper who became known as “Bint Mecca” or “Girl from Mecca” has said that she was questioned by authorities for not having the right permits to shoot her recent viral music video.

The rapper, Asayel al-Bishi, released a song called “Bint Mecca” in which she rapped about the women of the city. The video clip was published on YouTube on February 13 and included shots of young girls dancing to the song.

The video has since been taken down off YouTube, and al-Bishi underwent questioning by the Saudi Arabian prosecutor general over filming without a permit.

“The problem was that I taped the music video of a song that I wrote without a permit to film the video. I didn’t know I had to get the permit,” said al-Bishi.

“In the public prosecution they informed me. The video was not a problem, it was an administrative issue of not obtaining the right permits,” she added.

“I was called in for questioning and they investigated the issue,” confirmed al-Bishi, and added that her only violation was failing to secure a permit before filming.

Social media was abuzz with speculation that the artist was detained and charged.

“There are people that are supportive and some who are against. I respect people’s opinions,” said al-Bishi.

When asked about her future plans, al-Bishi told Al Arabiya English that she was planning to shoot more videos, and said she will make sure to get the right permits next time.

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