Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia issues ‘work from home’ guideline for private sectors

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Saudi Arabia issued on Monday a “remote-work” guideline for citizens and residents in the private sector in an effort to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

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Companies must provide their employees with the tools to be able to work remotely, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development said in the list of guidelines.

Employers must specify a set number of working hours and ensure that there are enough employees to maintain productivity levels, the guidelines included.

Companies should have a mechanism to manage tasks and productivity, according to the ministry.

Saudi Arabia has reported 133 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

However, the guidelines do stipulate that if an employee must go to the office if they are asked to. Employees should also ensure that any equipment that belongs to the company is not damaged, the ministry added.

The ministry granted some employees the option of working remotely, provided they submit a medical report that proves they are pregnant, have a respiratory disease, a cardiovascular disease, an acquired or hereditary immunodeficiency disease, use immunosuppressive drugs, or are subject to treatment from tumors.

Employees in the Kingdom’s government agencies, except for those working in the health, security, or military sectors, were given a 16-day leave.

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