Kuwaiti preacher, Gaddafi planned media campaign against Gulf leaders: Audio leak

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Kuwaiti hate preacher and author Hakem al-Mutairi tells former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi of his plans to launch a media campaign against the leaders of the Arabian Gulf in the latest audio recording leaked by Qatari opposition activist Khalid al-Hail.

Al-Mutairi is the leader of the Kuwaiti Ummah Party, an unrecognized political party with conservative and extremist views. He was previously a founding member of Kuwait’s Salafi movement and is critical of the US and Saudi Arabia.

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In the undated recording, al-Mutairi tells Gaddafi that he plans to overthrow the ruling families in the Arabian Gulf “either by elevating the awareness by the people in the region toward the reform project or the need for change or to prepare the spirit of revolution.”

“So we have Al Uma satellite channel and we have announced its goals. The royal families there, as they have controlled the wealth and power, they have also controlled the media. They have drowned us with channels that have glorified them and counts their praises day and night,” al-Mutairi is heard saying before he goes on to ask the Libyan dictator for support.

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Gaddafi then replies to al-Hakem and says, “We are ready. We want to direct your attention to a certain topic. I met Dr. Madawi al-Rasheed once, and I directed their attention and I will direct your attention as well you can consider this a step toward constitutional monarchy. Let us assume these families were ahead of us and cut the road ahead of them and said we are a constitutional monarchy.”

The new recording, which Al Arabiya English could not independently verify, is one of dozens of recordings that have been leaked in recent weeks, reportedly secretly made by the former Libyan dictator.

Last week, al-Hail had released a recording of Gaddafi and al-Mutairi in which the two are heard discussing plans to overthrow the leaders of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

“We are facing a problem in changing these governments… If we cannot overthrow them, then reduce [their power] so that they have the same status as those in Britain, the families that do not rule, because they do not deserve to rule,” al-Mutairi said referring to the ruling families in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Al-Hail has released dozens of audio leaks of undated conversations that also involve Qatar’s former Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, former Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim, and the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

The recordings, which al-Hail says he has exclusively, have brought attention to what seem to be Qatar’s plots against the rulers of neighboring countries and ties with Gaddafi’s revolutionary Libyan regime.

Qatar has not denied the authenticity of the recordings.