UAE icy conditions reported, with the big chill to continue: weather experts

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With temperatures plummeting to below zero in some parts of the UAE, the chilly weather will continue through this week, the National center of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has warned.

Forecasters from the NCMS said an icy snap in the air in parts of the UAE, saw the lowest temperature recorded in Al Ain as temperatures plunged to 1.4°C on the UAE’s highest peak. In the Wadi it plunged to -2C, on Sunday, Dr Ahmed Habibi, a special metreologist told Al Arabiya English.

Other parts of the UAE have reported temperatures as low as -5°C.

Some social media users took to Twitter to remark on the icy blast sweeping across the Emirates.

One remarked she had had to invest in a heater to beat the chill.

Dr Habibi said: “The last few days in the country have been very cold because of a northeasterly air mass. “It has left people feeling very cold, especially at night and in early morning.

“We have had some temperatures comes below zero; which meant water freezing over surfaces.”

From Sunday "there will be increased humidity, but there will also be a likelihood of fog and mist, especially on Friday and Saturday morning. So drivers will need to take extra care,” he added.

It follows wet, windy and icy weather across the wider region in recent weeks.

At the weekend, heavy rainfall led to floods in Saudi Arabia’s Ha’il region, including its main city and surrounding suburbs.

In December, Beirut experienced a historical hailstorm, leaving a white blanket across the country for day, causing massive floods across the capital.

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