Hope Probe: Arab landmarks turn red across the Middle East to celebrate UAE’s mission

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Expected to make history today, the UAE’s Hope Probe orbiter will arrive at Mars.

Throughout the week, Arab landmarks across the world will be light up red in honor of the UAE's achievement, and celebrate a milestone for Arabian history.

In July 2020, the United States, China and the UAE sent spacecraft to Mars, with the UAE’s the first of the three to reach the planet. It also marks the first interplanetary mission to ever be launched by an Arab country.

The spacecraft, which is unmanned, was sent in an effort to explore the planet's climatic dynamics in both daily and seasonable timescales. The mission will take place fpr a full Martian year which amounts to 687 earth days, UAE news agency WAM reported last week.

According to WAM, he Hope Probe will make the UAE the fifth nation to reach Mars after the US, the Soviet Union, China, India and the European space agency.





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