Tropical cyclone Shaheen is expected to make landfall in Oman on Sunday

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The different meteorological numerical models have agreed that the tropical cyclone “Shaheen” will make landfall on the Sultanate of Oman on Sunday morning, according to the Jordan-based Arabia Weather service.

Arabia Weather added that despite the agreement of the weather models on the direct effects of the tropical cyclone Shaheen on Oman, the models differ in expecting its impact on neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia.

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Oman’s Civil Aviation Agency said that the latest satellite images and weather charts analysis at the National Multi Hazards Early Warning Center have indicated that the tropical storm “Shaheen” has intensified into a category 1 tropical cyclone.

The tropical cyclone continues to move towards the coastal areas of Oman Sea with estimated surface wind speed around the center between 118 to 151 kilometer/hr.

The center of the cyclone is about 200 kilometers away from Muscat Governorate and the closest convective clouds band associated with the cyclone is about 80 kilometer away.

“The cyclone is expected to directly impact the coastal areas from Muscat to North al-Batinah governorates starting from Sunday morning with strong winds and heavy rain ranging between 200 and 600 millimeters causing severe flash floods over Governorates of North al-Batinah, South al-Batinah, Muscat, al-Dhahira, al-Buraimi and al-Dakhliya and may extend to the Govemorates of Musandam, North al-Sharqiya and South al-Sharqiya,” Oman’s Civil Aviation Agency added.

The National Center of Meteorology in the United Arab Emirates is following up the situation and will update UAE residents with the latest information.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) in the UAE said that based on the continuous follow-up and real-time monitoring of all weather conditions in the country, and thanks to the readiness of all state agencies and the constant communication between them, all effects will be dealt with quickly and professionally, as preserving the safety of people and property is a top priority.

“The National Center of Meteorology monitors the tropical situation around the clock and calls on the public to follow the bulletins and reports issued by it, and please follow the instructions and warnings from the competent authorities,” NCEMA added.

The National Center of Meteorology aded that the state of the sea in the Sea of Oman is turbulent to very turbulent, which leads to the inundation of sea water on the eastern coast, especially the low-lying areas, and the Arabian Gulf Sea is sometimes turbulent in the north.

“We call on all members of society, in such weather conditions, to follow the news and information broadcast by the National Center of Meteorology on all its electronic platforms and through social media, and to make sure not to be drawn into any rumors circulated about weather conditions,” NCEMA added.

NCEMA also called for obtaining all information always from its official sources and has called on everyone to exercise caution in such weather conditions and to stay away from valleys and dams in areas identified by the concerned authorities to avoid any undesirable events, wishing safety for all.

In the UAE, the municipality of Kalba has raised the red flag on the shores of the city and has warned of the sea tide accompanying cyclone Shaheen.

The municipality of Kalba stated on Twitter that it is expected that the eastern coast will be affected from Saturday night by a sea tide and some areas will be affected from the afternoon and evening on Sunday by the extension of the tropical cyclone Shaheen, especially the eastern and southern regions, accompanied by rain of different intensity, leading to the flow of valleys and torrents, and collecting water in some low-lying areas.

Authorities in Oman have declared Sunday and Monday (Oct. 3 and 4) as official holidays nationwide amid bad weather conditions caused by tropical storm Shaheen.

“3 and 4 October 2021 will be an official holiday for employees of departments of state administrative apparatus, other legal entities, private sector establishments, except the Governorates of Dhofar and Al Wusta due to adverse climate conditions being witnessed by the Sultanate,” the Oman news agency tweeted on Saturday.

Arabia Weather added that the cyclone is expected to move towards Saudi Arabia’s Rub’ al-Khali, while other models have suggested that the storm will move towards the Arabian Gulf after its impact on the Oman to affect Qatar, which is considered very rare if it was to occur.

Scottish meteorologist Scott Duncan said that Shaheen is only the second cyclone in modern record is about to enter the Gulf of Oman.

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