Saudi Embassy in US: Saad al-Jabri creates distractions to hide his financial crimes

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Saudi Arabia’s Embassy in the US has said in a statement that the “discredited” former government official Saad al-Jabri has “a long history of fabricating and creating distractions to hide the financial crimes he committed.”

This week, the Kingdom’s embassy in Washington, DC, said: “Saad Aljabri is a discredited former government official with a long history of fabricating and creating distractions to hide the financial crimes he committed, which amount to billions of dollars, to furnish a lavish life-style for himself and his family.”

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The statement continued, “He has not denied his crimes; in fact he implies that stealing was acceptable at the time. But it wasn’t acceptable nor legal then, and it isn’t now.”

Al-Jabri and a group of men he led while he was working at Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry misspent $11 billion in government funds, according to a July 2020 report by the Wall Street Journal.

US intelligence agencies sources who spoke to the Wall Street Journal said al-Jabri ran a special Interior Ministry fund that was focused on high-level counter-terrorism efforts.

The paper said he had misspent $11 billion over 17 years to pay himself, his family, and acquaintances in bonuses.

The Saudi embassy also said that the reforms led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman have put an end to this type of “gross corruption.”

“Today, the nation’s revenues are used to fund unprecedented economic and social development, invest in technology, contribute to the diversification of the economy, the empowerment of youth and women, and the building of a nation in which tolerance, moderation, innovation and entrepreneurship prevail -- the antithesis of what Aljabri was seeking when he committed his crimes,” the embassy added.

Al-Jabri filed complaint in US court

Al-Jabri, wanted in the Kingdom on corruption charges, filed a complaint in the US against the Saudi Arabian government in 2020.

In the 106-page unproven complaint, al-Jabri reportedly made a variety of political accusations against Saudi Arabia presenting himself as at odds with Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy positions on Yemen and its apparent decision to “allow” Russia to intervene in Syria.

After al-Jabri’s statements surfaced online, observers pointed out that the former Interior Ministry official was not involved in foreign policy while a government employee and seemed to be politicizing a corruption case.

“Saad al-Jabri is a security officer. He never had a say over any political decision and he wasn’t part of the political decision process. In fact, no one at the interior ministry has any impact on relations with Russia or any other international relations,” said veteran Saudi Arabian journalist and writer Abdulrahman al-Rashed.

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