UAE longevity lab aims to get people to invest in ‘cell health’, ‘live until 100’

Improving ‘healthspan’, and not just ‘lifespan’, is fast becoming one of the most important health and lifestyle-related issues globally

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A new health longevity lab in the UAE is urging residents to invest in ‘cell health’ and expand their lifespan until the age of 100.

Fivescore Labs – co-founded by Harvard-trained scientists – claims to be the region’s first longevity consumer brand that aims to help people leave healthier for longer, using science-backed treatment to boost metabolism and repair damaged DNA. It is now eying an expansion across the region, including Saudi Arabia.

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Al Tariq, founder of Fivescore Labs, told Al Arabiya English a ‘longevity regime’ can potentially help delay or prevent the onset of age-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and neurodegenerative disorders.

Al Tariq, founder of Fivescore Labs. (Supplied)
Al Tariq, founder of Fivescore Labs. (Supplied)

A ‘longevity regime’ is a comprehensive plan designed to extend one’s healthy lifespan, often through a combination of lifestyle modifications and the use of specific nutritional supplements, backed by scientific research.

‘Living until 100’

Tariq said the idea of living past 100 years of age, once considered a rarity, is becoming “an increasingly realistic ambition due to advancements in medicine, health and wellness.”

He added: “We believe everyone should be able to live longer and healthier lives because ageing is not simply an inevitable process, but one that can be influenced and possibly slowed down. Our perspective is that longevity is not just about extending life, but more importantly, about improving the quality of life as we age.”

The lab, he says, uses two natural treatments for patients which – along with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle – can boost longevity.

The first is resveratrol – a natural compound found in several plants – which acts as a potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, with recent studies suggesting that resveratrol can potentially activate certain genes called sirtuins that are linked to longevity, said Tariq.

Additionally, they use nicotinamide nononucleotide (NMN) – a compound that is found in common foods such as broccoli and is a precursor to NAD+ – a co-enzyme that plays a significant role in the regulation of metabolism as well as being used by the body to repair damaged DNA.

“Longevity, at its most basic level, refers to a long duration of life,” Tariq told Al Arabiya English. “However, in the context of health and wellness, longevity often encompasses much more than just lifespan. It's about extending the period of life that is spent in good health and staying free from debilitating disease.”

This, he said, is often referred to as ‘healthspan.’

Slowing down aging

From a biological perspective, longevity involves slowing down or potentially reversing various aging processes. It’s about optimizing the function of cells, tissues and organs to maintain vitality and health for as long as possible.
“Cells are the fundamental building blocks of our bodies,” said Tariq. “Every organ, tissue and biological system is made up of cells that carry out essential functions to keep us alive and healthy. That is why investing in cellular health is so crucial,” he said.

“Many of the signs and conditions we associate with aging, such as wrinkles, diminished energy and even chronic diseases, originate at the cellular level. As we age, our cells gradually lose their ability to function optimally. By maintaining cellular health, we can potentially slow these aging processes,” he explained.

“Similarly, many diseases are the result of cellular dysfunction. For instance, cancer can be traced back to cellular mutations, while diseases like Alzheimer’s are linked to cellular degradation in the brain. By keeping our cells healthy, we can mitigate the risk of such diseases.”

According to Tariq, our cells carry out a multitude of functions such as energy production, waste elimination, communication, and repair. When our cells are healthy, these processes are more efficient, leading to improved energy, better immunity, faster healing and overall improved physical and mental performance.

Improving human longevity

Improving human longevity is fast becoming one of the most important health and lifestyle-related issues globally and the UAE is no exception.

In 2016, only one percent of the UAE population was aged 60 and older, but by 2050, this number is expected to reach 16 percent, said Tariq, highlighting the need for greater awareness around healthy aging and the impact on long-term economic output and productivity.

“We believe it is now critical to raise public awareness around issues related to aging science and improving all aspects of healthspan and lifespan. This has been the motivation behind establishing Fivescore Labs,” he said.

“A longevity regimen is divided into two primary components – nutritional supplements and lifestyle protocols. Lifestyle protocols include recommendations on a balanced diet, physical activity, sleep hygiene and stress management techniques,” Tariq said, adding that the ultimate goal of a longevity regimen is not just to increase lifespan, but to enhance the years a person can live a healthy and active life.”

Aging is associated with a variety of cellular and molecular processes that cause functional decline over time.

These include factors such as reduced cellular repair capabilities, increased inflammation and DNA damage. Research in the field of longevity science has demonstrated that many of these processes can be influenced and potentially slowed or reversed with curated interventions.

“Pairing these interventions with personalized lifestyle protocols such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, sufficient sleep and stress management, we can help individuals maintain an active and vibrant lifestyle well past the age of 100,” said Tariq.

He said that having access to scientific knowledge about enhancing lifespan and healthspan is crucial for several reasons.

‘Cell health’ vital

Knowledge allows people to make informed decisions about their health. In the age of the internet, we’re often bombarded with conflicting information about health and wellness. Having access to reliable, science-backed information can help people navigate this landscape and make choices that are truly beneficial to their health.

“Scientific knowledge often emphasizes and reinforces preventative measures. Understanding how certain behaviors and interventions can prevent disease onset is more cost-effective and beneficial than treating those diseases after they occur,” Tariq observed.

By focusing on enhancing cellular health and promoting healthy lifestyle habits, a longevity regimen can potentially help delay or prevent the onset of age-related conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes and neurodegenerative disorders, said Tariq.

“Our initial product line is focused on supporting healthy NAD+ levels in the human body. NAD+ is a critical coenzyme found in every cell in the human body. It plays a fundamental role in regulating energy metabolism and energy production. Ageing is associated with a natural decrease in NAD+ levels, and this decline has been linked to a variety of age-related health issues such as metabolic disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and decreased lifespan. Thus, it is believed that increasing NAD+ levels in the human body can be effective in combating age related decline.”

As for whether enough people are investing in their cellular health, Tariq said awareness is growing, but there’s still a long way to go.

“Many people focus on outward signs of health or symptomatic treatment of diseases, without realizing that the root cause often lies at the cellular level. This is due in part to a historical focus on disease treatment rather than disease prevention.”

He said: “We believe that as more people understand the profound impact that cellular health has on their overall wellbeing and longevity, they will be more likely to make the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes.”

Regional expansion

Since launching last month, Fivescore Labs has seen a flood of enquires from both within as well as outside the UAE, said Tariq, who said they had plans for a regional rollout of their services.

“We have big plans for Saudi Arabia and in fact already have customers based there. It is an important market for the region and we are excited by the significant investments being made by sovereign investors in UAE as well as Saudi Arabia in the longevity space,” he added.

“At Fivescore Labs, we are extremely excited by the road ahead and look forward to leading the longevity revolution in the region,” Tariq concluded.

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