Egypt’s Salafis get together to confront the Shiite ‘tide’

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The Salafi Daawa and Al-Nur Party will hold a popular conference at a mosque in Egypt on Friday to confront the alleged Shiite ‘tide’ in the country.

"One of the Shiite doctrines is that their awaited Imam (The Mahdi) will not arrive until Egypt is a follower of them," said Sheikh Sharif al-Hawari, a member of the Salafi Daawa board, adding Egypt is the Shiite's biggest target because it is the leader of the Sunnis.

Twelfth Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi is said to have disappeared from the earth in the 10th century and is said to be due to return, accompanied by Jesus, to save mankind.

Hawari said the conference will look to clarify the Shiite threat by issuing a statement which lists the "series of grave treasons" the Shiites have committed throughout history.

"This list will include their betrayal of Salaheddine al-Ayoubi, cooperating with the Crusaders...cooperating with the Tatars to overthrow the Abbasid Caliphate...allying with America to overthrow Afghanistan and Iraq."

Hawari said Shiites are also accomplices in "destroying" the Syrian people and that they are behind what is happening in Bahrain and some Gulf countries.

"We are certain that the Shiites will fail (to control us) just like they failed before."

He noted that the Fatimid state ruled Egypt for more than 260 years and established Al-Azhar to convert Egyptians into Shiites but didn’t manage to do so.

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