Syrian refugees in Jordan raise concerns of citizens

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In the northern Jordanian city of ar-Ramtha, there are plenty of Syrian refugees who have fled their home from the ongoing violence, which – the U.N. says – has killed more than 70,000 people.

Abdullah – a Syria refugee – is lucky because he found a job that can help provide for the family.

“I have the responsibility of taking care of 6-7 families. If I don't work, how am I supposed to feed them?” said Abdullah.

There are more than 475,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, and that number keeps increasing. The constant flow of refugees from Syria may result in declaring the Jordanian area a “disaster area,” in which the large number of refugees has become an economic, social and security burden to the country.

Some ar-Ramtha residents have welcomed the refugees, while others were unhappy about their presence.

Jordanian citizens were concerned about their chances of employment with the presence of so many refugees, calling on the government to find an “appropriate solution to hosting” the guests.

“My son, for example, was working in one of the factories. He used to earn 250 Dinars. The Syrians came and agreed to work for 150 Dinars, some even for 100 Dinars. So the problems have increased here in the area and unemployment has increased for children of the country,” said a Jordanian citizen.

Ar-Ramtha, once known for its trade of Syrian goods, is now suffering, especially after its ties with Daraa were severed due to the violence taking place in the latter city.

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