Syrian troops shell Damascus neighborhood with Toshka missiles

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Syrian local coordination committees said on Saturday that regime troops shelled Damascus with Toshka surface-to-surface missiles, whose warheads can be replaced with nuclear ones.

The opposition committees added that ever since the revolution erupted, Assad's forces have hit the capital twice with those kinds of missiles.

The missiles on Saturday targeted the Damascus' neighborhood of Baraza and the attack comes a few days after the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmuk was struck with the same weaponry.

Toshka missiles are short-range ballistic missiles and are transported on a vehicle where they are erected prior to the launching. Toshka missiles were designed to be used by troops fighting on field.

These arms are specialized in their ability to accurately hit targets and are highly-destructive given they explode 16 meters before reaching its mark.

The missiles' warheads can be replaced with chemical or biological warheads, not only nuclear ones, the weight of the warheads can amount to 500 kilograms.

On another note, media reports claimed the Free Syrian Army possessed AS-50 British-made sniper rifles, which are light in weight and it can also be quickly disassembled.

However, the FSA has denied the reports.

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