Ex-Iraqi official: Saddam was 'mentally ill' during Kuwait invasion

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An interview conducted by the former spokesperson of the Iraqi government, Ali Dabbagh, with the ex-Iraqi official and strongman during the Saddam era, Tariq Aziz, will be broadcast exclusively on Al Arabiya on Thursday April 18.

The former foreign minister and deputy premier said in the three-hour interview that late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was mentally unstable when he decided to invade Kuwait in 1990. He also addressed accusations that his country possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Aziz also talked about his rocky relationship with the Saddam family and described Hussein Kamel – Saddam’s defected son-in-law – as a “cancer” that wanted to topple the late president.

Aziz also elaborates to Dabbagh on reports that Germany and Spain provided Saddam with chemical weapons.

A U.S.-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003 after he was accused of possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction, which were never found in Iraq. Saddam was executed in 2006 after being charged with committing crimes against humanity.

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